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Photoshop for Landscape Photographers

In this set of 10 videos, Photoshop for Landscape Photographers, I discuss editing techniques that I use on my images, such as:
  • Ideal workspace settings for image processing
  • How to create and use layers
  • My favorite adjustment layers
  • The magic of creating and using layer masks
  • Opacity and my most commonly used blending modes
  • How to create and use both 8 and 16-bit luminosity masks
  • The ease of using Tony Kuyper's great new 16-bit TKv4 action panel
  • An in-the-field demonstration of my shooting techniques for capturing multiple exposures
  • Focus stacking techniques
  • Micro contrast, including the use of Tony Kuyper's Tonal Clarity actions
  • How I enhance the light throughout my images, including my favorite Orton and Light Painting techniques
  • My favorite tools for color adjustments
  • Sizing and sharpening images for both web and print
The concepts are intermediate to advanced so basic knowledge of Photoshop is recommended. I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and Tony Kuyper's TKv4 action panel available on his webiste: goodlight.us Photoshop Elements is not compatible with these videos. All videos are HD 1920x1080 resolution and the download is 1.2 gigs. The total length is 3hrs 50min. 15% discount applied when purchasing both videos!
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Start to Finish #1 "Grand Teton Winter"

In the second edition of the first video of my "Start-to-Finish" series, I take you through the entire editing process of my image "Grand Teton Winter" from beginning to final product. This video will give you a pretty good idea of the process behind my approach, and the steps involved in editing an entire photo from start to finish. The techniques that I use are fairly advanced, so a good understanding of layers and masking in Photoshop is recommended. Some of the techniques I use in this video include:
  • Raw adjustments in Lightroom
  • Multiple exposure blending
  • Adjustments with Warp and Puppet Warp
  • Adjustments to tonality with luminosity masks
  • Light painting
  • Adding misty atmosphere
  • Micro contrast adjustments
  • Adjustments using Nik Color Efex
  • Orton Effect
  • Sharpening for web and print
In this video I use Tony Kuypers 16-bit Action Panel V4 and highly recommend having it in your arenal of tools. It is available from his website: goodlight.us Included in this video download are the original Raw files for practice purposes, and my own "Orton Protect Darks" action. Run time is 1hr. Total size of the HD 1920x1080 MP4 dowload is about .5 gig. 15% discount applied when purchasing both videos!
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“I just wanted to tell you that your chapter on Luminosity Masks is the best I have watched so far. I have Tony’s TK Actions panel and having watched your chapter ( a few times). I can finally begin to apply them to my own images. You explained it in such a simple straightforward way that I now know how to begin using them. I am also enjoying your other chapters but this one really did it for me…..”

Rachel Schneiderman

“Your latest video "Grand Teton Winter" was very instructive for me to understand the development of a Raw file starting from Lightroom and then using Photoshop. I also filled the gaps that I had about the use of Color Dodging, contrast and brightness using masks and Web sharpening (Tony Kuyper panel). I am very satisfied and hope to see another video tutorial very soon.”

Franco Bergamini

“Thanks so much! I love this amazing video and it really makes good sense to me. My only complaint would be it takes so long to get your second tutorial. I hope there will be more to come, lol.”

Roy Yuan

“Thanks Chip... I think you WAY undercharge for your videos... They are really good. Personally I would pay a lot more for this considering how much time they save me in post.”

Chris Oertel

"I am a professional photographer and thought I knew how to edit my images in Photoshop. The quality of instruction in Chip Phillips videos has made a significant improvement to my Photoshop editing skills. I highly recommend them."

Ron Southworth

"I have bought tons of materials for image editing. I would say this is the best photo editing tutorial you will ever receive for landscape photography. Thank you very much Chip!"

Ajay Thomas

"Thank you for the excellent video on processing the “Grand Teton Winter”. I have always enjoyed your method of teaching…very methodical and to the point without a lot of extra words to complicate it. The examples with TK Actions were very well illustrated and explained. I always enjoy your videos and viewing your work but this video was full of lots of ideas and excellent examples."


“I've gone through the tutorials a couple times now and you learn something new each time through. I consider this to be one of the best intermediate to advance tutorials I've seen. I especially like how he teaches us to make our own masks. Chip shows you how to create the masks and manipulate them using layers and channels. Even though it is considered advanced PS editing, he takes you step by step on how to create luminosity and color masks, using opacity sliders to get just the right look. $39.00 is dirt cheap in my opinion.”

Jack Garrett

“Just wanted to thank you for putting your tute together. I've just started using the more complex layer masking and you have just opened new doors for me again. I hope I speak for more than just myself that we as a photographic community really appreciate the time put into these, not just recording the vidoes, but the years of practice that you have put in to make it to the level you are at.”

Chez Watts

"I am a retired portrait photographer who practiced for over 25 years. This is the best information I have ever received.  I really have a great understanding of what luminosity layers do. In fact, all layers."

Joe Przybylo

“Chip, your tutorials have helped take my photography to another level. The valuable tips and details put into these lessons are incredible. Well worth the money spent."

Nate Kay

"I bought your tutorials and think that they are great. You are a very good teacher!"

Kajo Photography

" I use to buy tons of materials for image editing .. I would say this is the best photo editing tutorial you will ever receive for landscape photography. Thank you very much Chip"

Ajay Thomas

"Your tutorials are simply amazing. Easy to understand and to follow. Thank you so much for sharing. All these years, I wondered what was the secret of professional photographers to submit such beautiful images. Now I know! Now, all I have to do is find those beautiful places. ;) Thanks again! Your work is truly breathtaking. Very inspiring."

Anne Jutrras

"All I can say is it's the best tutorial I've ever gotten. I've been searching some years to get well processed images without the ugly touch of HDR and now I have found a way to achieve it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."

Dietmar Herzog

"Chip... just watched your video. Thanks so much for putting that together. Worth every penny of the $39 and probably a lot more. These images are outstanding and the techniques are really a game changer."

Clay Travis

"I recently bought your tutorial. I just have to say that it's really good and easy to follow. You are very good at teaching and I sure will buy your next tutorial."

Magnus from Stockholm, Sweden

“Hi Chip - I purchased and downloaded your videos not too long ago, and I have to tell you that I have learned sooo much more from just watching the first couple of videos than I ever did trying to understand what I was reading in a photography how-to book for CS6. The impetus to try your videos was a photo you posted on Flickr of a stunning scene at Bryce Canyon. I decided then and there that I wanted to be able to understand and manipulate layers, masks, and blending techniques to take my own editing talents up a notch or two. I'll be trying what I have learned on images I bring back from a visit to Arches National Park, Utah.”

Rebecca Latson

"What I want to say is that the tutorial helped me a lot to understand many things in layer and masks management in Ps. I have tried some of techniques from your tuts on 2 or 3 my images and it really works! Your tutorials are very concise, easy to understand and extremely useful for anyone who wants to make steps ahead in photo processing in Ps. Thank you for teaching me!”

Samir Bodi

“I was so happy when you released "Image Editing Volume 1". I bought them and suggested them to all my friends. The videos are very useful and they gave me a really long forward step. I cannot imagine how I was destroying my photos by using photoshop. Thank you Mr. Phillips for those great videos and I won't hesitate to buy the next lessons. I am a big fan of yours and I will keep working hard to reach your level soon.”

Abdullah alsobiae

“I just downloaded your videos and watched them for the first time last night. That was the best investment I've ever made ... and all that for only 39$ !!! A W E S O M E information.  I'm new in photography (since 2 years) and this will help me to make better pictures.  You are such an inspiration ...Big thanks again ... ”

Zoran Dujic

“I just wanted to thank you for the tutorial videos you recently put up. I have been admiring your work for a while now, and these videos have truly allowed me to truly convey what my intention was during the shoots. Cheers”

Nate Crabtree

“I would highly recommend Chip's Instructional Videos if you are looking to take the next step in taking your images from mundane to "wow". Chip's videos teach you many of the skills that make his processing so good in a manner that is easy to follow. If you know just a little about Photoshop, Chip's knowledge, patience, and expertise of both the complex and simple adjustment techniques will vastly improve your images. I especially enjoyed learning the simple way of using layers for blending, getting the image perfectly sharpened, and creating an orton effect to make light and fog really glow in an image. I also have embraced using his tonality techniques to no longer rely on saturation to make the image pop. Chip also explains in a simple way how to use actions to help create an image with high dynamic range without HDR. I am so excited to take what I've learned from him and go back and make some of my images what I always dreamed they can be. You won't be disappointed. The videos are worth every penny if you are getting serious about photography. I do not personally know Chip and was not solicited for this review. I was "wowed" by his work, purchased his videos to learn more, and am impressed enough to encourage you to buy the videos because they will help you that much!”

Brent McGuirt

“Hello Mr.Chip! I wanna tell you I watched your video and it's an amazing video !! You have changed the look to my pictures. I usually don't use masks , but from today I'll use them all the time. Thank you Mr.Chip. You are my idol. Thank you for everything.”

Mohammed Al Fozan from Saudi Arabia

“I LOVE the videos Chip!  I can't thank you enough.  I've been watching it (literally) every day.  I decided to use it as a barometer of my knowledge base.  I was delighted at first, then it got interesting.  You have a different way of modifying adjustments than I learned, and I like your approach.  It's more straight forward.  Then there's things I forgot about.  Then there's video's I haven't yet watched, because I'm watching some of the same video's over and over.  I open PS with one of my photos and follow along that way.”

Carol Harvey

“Hi Chip, I just purchased your video on layers, masks, luminosity, etc. I can't tell you how grateful I am. Your methods make it easy to follow and I now understand concepts that have evaded me for way too long. This will ratchet up my images by several clicks. I can't thank you enough! I appreciate that you are sharing information that will make anyone better at post processing. Honestly, I am not sure I would have been as generous as you were sharing these techniques.  I've spent too much time watching other tutorials and understanding the concepts, but your videos show the techniques being used and applied to some great photos.  Everything just clicked.”

Dom Marino

“I just wanted to say that I too have found your tutorials to be extremely educational. I've always disliked processing, but your videos run at a speed of which I can follow instead of talking way too fast like a You Tube tutorial. I've been able to really progress which has given me a new confidence in my work.”

Andrew Waddington

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